Weekly & Monthly Fees from 1st April 2021. Actual fees payable after 2 week holiday allowance discount.

Under 2's Fees

  • Full Day - £54.00
  • Half Day - £34.00
  • Full Time - £245.00
Weekly Monthly
Full Time £240.20 £1,020.83
4 Days £211.76 £900.00
3 Days £158.82 £675.00
2 Days £105.88 £450.00
1 Day £52.94 £225.00
1/2 Day £33.33 £141.67

Funded Sessions

  • Lunch - £1.90
  • Tea - £1.35

Over 2's Fees

  • Full Day - £51.50
  • Half Day - £32.00
  • Full Time - £230.00
Weekly Monthly
Full Time £225.49 £201.96
4 Days £201.96 £858.33
3 Days £151.47 £643.75
2 Days £100.98 £429.17
1 Day £50.49 £214.58
1/2 Day £31.37 £133.33

EEF Places

£3.50 consumables contribution per full day session or £2.00 am or pm sessions.

  • No funded session can be over 10 hours
  • A charge of £6.50 per day if the child attends the full 11 hours
  • To cover the period between our am and pm sessions

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The Acorns

Providing an environment which is safe and loving

Finding star quality in every child

Each child is individual and irrespective of ethnicity, culture, religion, home language, family background, learning difficulty disability or gender all children have the right to the best care possible.

Early years are important

From birth to the age of 5 children will develop and acquire skills which will impact on their future possibilities. The early years are vital in any child’s development.

We achieve high standards

All our settings have achieved Millie’s mark accreditations, as well as focus of safety awards with all settings achieving bronze, silver and working towards gold and platinum, as well as steps to quality awards 1 and 2.

Children on the right track

We follow in the moment approach, through this approach we are following the children’s interest and making the learning experiences of all children both enjoyable and educational, children can develop at their own pace with practitioners guiding and supporting their overall development.

Parents Praise for our Sky High Standards

"Lovely nursery. My daughter and nephew loved being in there, always learning and having fun. My daughter left when she was 4, now she's nearly 7 and keeps talking about the lovely staff and friends she left there." Monica

"Great nursery. Friendly staff. Very welcoming. They all make you feel part of the children's experience and involve you as much as possible." Zoe

"Westside day nursery is an excellent nursery, it has fantastic outside play area that the children can access any time they like. Lots of things for them to enjoy inside too from cosy corners for story time to lots of ways to be crafty and creative." Rebbecca

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