Opening Hours

We are open from 7.00am until 6pm Monday to Friday
Morning sessions are 7.00am until 12.30pm
Afternoon sessions are 1.00pm until 6.00pm

Phase In Sessions

As part of your child’s introduction to the nursery we offer children and parents free phase in sessions. These enable your child and you to familiarise yourselves with the nursery, staff, routines and to get a general feel of how our day works.
We understand the importance of developing strong relationships built on trust which is why we recognise the need for the “get to know you” sessions.
After you have registered with us and we have received all the relevant information needed from you we will offer you 2* 1 hour sessions the week before your child is due to start at the nursery. There is no set times for the phase in sessions and we are flexible to meet your needs as the parent.
Please make sure you contact the nursery in advance to confirm the times you are going to attend, as all phase in sessions have to be agreed by the management to ensure the staffing ratios are maintained throughout.
If you feel the sessions are not enough to settle your child into the nursery, please feel free to discuss any concerns with the managers who may be able to make additional arrangements for you.